For car owners, we have an inexpensive solution. You can now halve the fuel bill on your current car using our renewable Bio-CNG made from cheap, locally sourced waste products like Rum distillery wastewater, Blackbelly sheep manure, and Sargassum seaweed.

Over the lifetime of this solution, 103,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions will be removed every year from the atmosphere by cars in Barbados driving on sargassum Bio-CNG instead of gasoline.

We co-digest three key waste materials: Sargassum seaweed, rum distillery wastewater, and manure from the Barbados blackbelly sheep. Energy produced by combining these icons of Barbados converts inexpensive waste streams to useful, inexpensive, sustainable energy.

We remove sargassum from deep water areas of the Barbados EEZ at road-traffic scale, before it beaches. This prevents the buildup of sargassum seaweed on the beaches. Rotting Sargassum seaweed on coastlines cost $120M USD in beach restoration costs throughout the Caribbean in 2018 (Nation News July 30, 2019 – Learn More). This number does not include the economic effect of hotel closures and occupancy drops because of sargassum which also has regional economic implications.

The Time To Invest Is Now

Find out more about how you can invest in this use of Sargassum seaweed to produce transportation fuel for Barbados.

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